Materials Recovery

The materials of the Archbold Community Library exist for the purpose of serving the community. In an effort to ensure these materials remain available to all who may want to use them, the library has established a recovery program to encourage all customers to return books and other materials on time.

An adult who signs a library card application form for a child, or who is listed as the responsibility party for a minor, assumes all responsibility for the return of all materials taken on the card or for any charges that may be incurred from use of the card.

When library materials are overdue, the following procedures will be followed:

  • At 1 week overdue, the customer or responsibility party is notified by phone.
  • If the customer cannot be reached by phone, an overdue notice is sent via mail.
  • After 4 weeks, an itemized bill for overdue items is sent via mail.
  • Items that are overdue for 30 days are automatically marked lost by our circulation system and a replacement charge for each item is added to the customer’s account.
  • After 45 days, if a customer’s itemized bill for lost items is $100 or more, and the customer or responsible party has made no attempt to contact the library or initiate a payment plan, a letter will be sent to the customer or responsible party notifying them that failure to return or pay for materials within seven days will result in the account being transferred to the Fulton County Prosecutor for further action.

At the director’s discretion, this policy may also be enforced for any lost item(s) if the lost item(s) are deemed to be irreplaceable.

This policy represents the intent of the Archbold Community Library to offer a generous amount of time for the return or payment of lost items on a patron account or on a dependent child’s account. The library does not desire to have any customer’s account handed over for prosecution, but views the full implementation of the policy as a last resort to recover lost materials or payment.


Adopted by the Board of Trustees – June 18, 2015

Amended August 12, 2015