Meeting Room Application

General guidelines for use of the Community Room

  1. The room must be vacated by 10:00 p.m.

  2. Only light refreshments may be served. Groups must supply all needed items, including towels and utensils. The coffee-maker and filters are provided by the library.

Red punch may NOT be served.

As the applicant, you are responsible to see that the room is left clean, all furniture and equipment returned to its original setup (see diagram in storage room), and all appropriate doors locked and lights turned off. You agree that an additional fee may be charged if the group's use of the room results in the need for repair to library furnishings or equipment, or if cleaning is required from a professional carpet cleaner. If food or drink has been served, deposit trash bags in the parking lot dumpster to the south of the library and place new trash bags in wastebaskets. Trash bags and a vacuum cleaner are stored in the custodian's closet located in the main vestibule of the library.

  1. Use of any tobacco, vaping, or alcoholic product is prohibited on all library property.

  2. A deposit of $20.00 is required prior to use of the room by all non-profit groups. Refund of the deposit will be given if the above guidelines have been followed.

  3. A reservation fee of $25.00 is required from all other groups for use of the room.

Type of Group

If claiming non-profit, documentation of your tax-exempt status is required.


This can be an approximate number.

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By adding your name to this form, you acknowledge that you have read the Community Room Policy and agree to be the person responsible to see that your group/organization abides by the guidelines stated above and those contained in the policy. You also understand that failure to comply with these guidelines may jeopardize your group/organization's ability to use the room in the future.


Office Use Only

Form of Approval
Form of Deposit
Form of Fee Paid
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