Internet Policy

The Archbold Community Library, in keeping with its mission to provide collections, resources and services to meet the educational, informational and recreational needs of the Archbold area community, provides public wired and wireless Internet access and access to the resources of the Ohio Public Library Information Network (OPLIN), a service of the State Library of Ohio. Because the Library’s Internet service is provided by OPLIN, the Library is required to have policies in place that address appropriate use of the Internet.

The following applies to the Library’s wired and wireless services:  These services may be used to access any resource, or conduct any activity available on the worldwide web provided such activity can be done with standard Web browsers, with these exceptions: 

  • You may not send, receive, or display text or graphics that may reasonably be construed as obscene.
  • You may not use this resource for any illegal purpose.
  • You may not in any way alter, reconfigure, or damage the public access workstations of the Archbold Community Library.
  • You may not modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others; you may not seek unauthorized access to any computer system, or damaging or altering software components of any network, host server, or database.

Wired access only

  • Internet usage will be limited to 30 minutes for general computer use when there are persons waiting to use the computers.
  • Persons using the computers for research or homework assignments may be granted longer usage time and will take precedence over game-playing.
  • There will be a limit of 1 person to a computer unless working on an assignment together.
  • The Library does not permit the downloading of music or video to personal devices except as offered by the library through the Ohio Digital Library.

In order to prevent viruses and protect the integrity of our workstations, you agree to the following when signing up for Internet access:

  • To not install software of any kind.
  • To not download any plug-ins without consultation with the library staff.
  • To not save or download files except to flash drives. Flash drives are available to purchase at the circulation desk.
  • Patrons must sign in at the circulation desk and show a current library card in order to use a reference computer. Signing indicates the patron has read and understands the Library's Internet policy and agrees to abide by it. 
  • Printing from the wired network will be charged at 10 cents per page. Patrons must pick up their material and pay at the circulation desk. Printed pages not picked up will be charged to the patron’s account.

DISCLAIMER (wired and wireless users)

Since the Internet is a global electronic network, there is no state or federal control of its users or content.  As such, while it offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages, it also enables access to some material that may be offensive, disturbing and/or illegal, and Library patrons use it at their own risk. The Library does not use filters to protect users from offensive information. As with other library materials, it is the parent or legal guardian of minor children who must assume responsibility for the child’s use of the Internet. 

Usage of the Internet by a child under the age of 11 must be supervised at all times by an adult. 

Violators of this policy will receive one warning; upon the second offense, computer privileges may be revoked for a period of 6 months.


Approved by the Board of Trustees -- Jan. 22, 2001

Last amended -- January 29, 2007