Resources for Cultivating an Antiracist Mindset

  • : In honor of the anniversary of Juneteenth, 10 museums of African American history & culture have launched a site aimed at observing the holiday, which commemorates the day on which Union Army General Gordon Granger read federal orders announcing the freeing of all remaining enslaved people in Texas. 
  • Muse in Focus: Confronting Structural RacismThese articles and books from a variety of academic presses explore white privilege and supremacy, racial violence, and the intersections of race and gender.
  • Racism in AmericaFrom a look at the Black Panthers to an exploration of Reconstruction to the Frontline episode "Policing the Police," PBS spolights documentaries and programs that provide historical context to racism and urge viewers to continue to fight injustice.
  • Structural Racism and Police Violence, SAGESAGE curates articles analyzing the impact of systemic racism in education, law enforcement, and health care, as well as ways to address these injustices, such as restorative justice and activism.
  • "Talking About Race" Web Portal, National Museum of African American History and CultureThis online portal offers exercises, tools, scholarly articles, and other resources aimed at encouraging parents and educators to start difficult but vital discussions about race and racism.
  • TED Talks to Help You Understand Race in America : Scholar and lawyer Kimberle Crenshaw's lecture on intersectionality, professor David R. William's discussion on the impact of racism on health, and an interview with the founders of the Black Lives Matter movement are among the TED Talks here, dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of the effects of racism and how we can do better.

Thank you to Library Journal and Reference & Professional Reading Editor, Mahnaz Dar, for curating this resource list.