How to manage your library account online:

Though patrons always have access to their accounts online, many are finding this more helpful than ever now that they can't come in to the building itself. Not only can you search the library catalog to see what is available here and now, but you can place your own holds and renew your own items.

The library catalog:

Here is a link to our online catalog. so you can see what we have here at the library.

On the homepage, you will see five lists scrolling through. Those are some of the current bestsellers and most popular books at Archbold. Use the search box to search for anything! Your search results will make it easy to see if it something available right now or something that is currently out or coming soon. We recommend placing holds anyway! That way, we can get you on the list and whoever has it checked out currently won't be able to continue to renew. 

Some other ways to see what is new:

We have a "new on our shelves" page on our website: 

Follow the links in your preferred genre. It should take you to the catalog and list the newest titles in that genre in order of the date we added them to the collection.

You can place up to 40 holds at a time right now.  You are allowed 30 checkouts at a time; this gives you 30 holds for immediate checkout and an extra 10 for things that are coming soon or currently checked out.

How to log in to your account:

To place holds yourself, you will log in at the top right corner. You will need your library card number and your pin number. We can not see what your pin is; it is something you would have set up when you originally got your card. If you are having trouble with your pin number, email the library at or call us at 419-446-2783. We will not be able to see what your pin number is, but we can reset it for you.

If you do want to place your own holds, you will see right under the titles whether it is available now, or not available. You can click on the orange "place hold" button, and then it will ask you whether you want a specific copy or first available. We generally only have one copy, so first available. 

You can check and see how many holds you've placed by looking at your account activity and then looking at your holds. You may see that there are some that will say "pending" or "in transit." This means that your hold went through, but we have not yet gotten it off the shelf and scanned it.

other ways to place holds:

For a variety of reasons, not all patrons can manage their own accounts online.

We can place holds for you!

Do you have specific titles you are looking for? Or authors?

Have you let us know that it is okay to fill your holds with large print copies if they are available first?

If your loan history is turned on, that makes it easier for us to pick books for you; some patrons will request a certain number of books in a genre or for an age group and let our staff pick them out for them. 

your hold is here; now what?

You have placed a hold on an item that is "currently available." We will pull that item from the shelf and scan it. Once we've done that, a ticket is generated, prompting us to call you to set up a curbside pickup time. 

Pickup times are currently Monday-Friday from 11-4 in ten minute intervals. We will ask you what type and color of car you will be arriving in.

On the day and time of your scheduled pickup, please park on the North end of the lot in front of our building. There is a parking spot marked "Park Here For Curbside." We will bring your items out to your car. Help us to make this as touch-free as possible by popping the hatch or trunk. 

If you have items to return, please continue to use the book and A/V returns for those. If items do not come off your account immediately, do not be concerned. We are quarantinging returned material for 72 hours before checking it in and passing it on to the next patron. There are no late fees or fines at this time, though we do ask that you be respectful and return your items timely as others may be waiting.

As always, call the library at 419-446-2783 if you have any questions or concerns about your account!


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