Since 1999, November has been recognized as National Novel Writing Month.

This year, the Archbold Community Library is teaming up with the folks at and making it official. Libraries are great places to not only read, but write, too! We have the space, we have the seating, we have the outlets, we have the computers, we have the wifi, and we even have a covered drink policy!! 

(Meaning, 50,000 words in 30 days is hard. That's why: coffee. Soda. Red Bull. Just make sure it's in a drink container with a lid and that you don't spill, lest we are forced to rethink the policy.)

So bring your laptop or your parchment and quill and that novel that only you can write to the library! You're free to write any time we're open, but Mondays in November from 6-8 pm, we'll be hosting special "come-write-in" drop-in sessions with challenges and snacks to keep it fun and interactive. Drop-in means: Come late! Leave early! Stay the whole time. Or not! Totally up to you!

All ages are welcome!

This is an independent event managed by a community partner. The NaNoWriMo name and logo are used by special permission.