Pajama Party For Pals

Bring one stuffed animal and blankie for a special party just for them! We'll sing songs, read books, eat teddy grahams, and tuck our little pals into bed at the library for the night with Ms. Martie. After the library lights go out, she will snap photos of the pals romping around the library getting into all types of mischief! Pick up your pal and photos Wednesday, December 15th from 1-3 pm. Registration is required and limited to 12 children. 



Performer David Landau!

The Archbold Community Library and the Archbold Parks and Recreation Department are proud to present David Landau!

David Landau is a former first grade teacher, an award-winning musician and entertainer, and he is very, very funny.

David's personal appearances are upbeat musical programs that keep children engaged and constantly thinking. The kids sing some, move some, act some, dance some, shout just a little bit, and laugh a bunch. The grown-ups just sit back and enjoy the show!

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