Early Literacy Center Information

First of all...what is early literacy?

Early literacy is everything a child knows about reading and writing before they actually are proficient readers and writers.

What is an Early Literacy Center?

An early literacy center is a place that caregivers and babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-agers up through third grade can go TOGETHER to do the work of emerging and beginning readers and the work of childhood is play. 

Our Early Literacy Center is based on the nationwide, research-proven outline of Every Child Ready to Read and the more locally known: Ohio Ready to Read. These entities have adopted six early literacy skills and the Five Best Practices for getting children ready to read. 

The Five Best Practices are:

  • Play
  • Read
  • Write
  • Sing
  • Talk

Our Early Literacy Center incorporates all five of these best practices through things such as dramatic play with costumes (postal worker, astronaut, police officer, veterinarian, etc.), a children's kitchen and workbench, dollhouse, writing center, listening center, and many other enticing, fun activities to encourage their early literacy skills.

Why an Early Literacy Center?

In 2021, roughly only 37% of all children entering kindergarten possessed the skills and knowledge they needed to be ready for kindergarten, meaning they were not adequately prepared for kindergarten. The Early Literacy Center gives children in Archbold and surrounding areas a place to do the the work of childhood and practice the early literacy skills needed for success in kindergarten. 

The Early Literacy Center will double as our story time room this fall. It will be open to the public at all times that the Library is open, except just before, during, and shortly after story time or special events. 

A caregiver MUST accompany the children in their care into the Early Literacy Room.

We hope you enjoy the Early Literacy Center and make it part of your family's routine to visit!